Sounds of Canal Point

cries of greeting – long lost friends welcomed
harmony of the message sung, a gift from us
the Word preached
hymns shared among brothers and sisters

“Gator-watch” as we approach the canal road
calls of “Gator”
Where? I don’t see it. Ooh, that one’s big, go the replies

silence of the alligator, head visible in the water

twang of the bungee

click of the poles
thump of the tent cover
aaahhh, shade

scream of the mitre saw
droning of the vibrator saw
finishing touches of the saws all.
drills and screw drivers zoop zoop

slide of the doors at Lowe’s

shirr of the blinds pulling up and down
splash of the hose to clean

whirr to remove the screws
bang bang bang for the bumps
stick of the spackle
scrape of the sandpaper, get it all smooth
swish the damp cloth to clean it all

laughter in every room

squelch of the paint roller
swish of the brush
“I need more paint”

a quiet “oh no” on the nursery floor

Is it dry?
Does it need another coat?
It’s beautiful! I love it!

wheels turning on the cart at Lowe’s

screams of the lizard finders
Hey, wanna see a frog?
plonk of the rocks in the lake
thunk of a corn hole bag
clicks of stick swords and the happy yells of children
shhh from the after-hours pool crowd

knock, knock – no one is there, “cute”

roar of the trains
TRAIN goes the shout through the halls

calls in the gale winds jerking the tent apart
“the doors” – run the dry cabinet doors in before the torrential rains

high school girls singing “I’m so fancy”
hey sailor, mutant jellyfish, hit the deck, giggles and games
“Can I talk to my dead grandmother?”

hum of the floor cleaner, early morning at Lowe’s

satisfying snap of the floor boards connecting together
buzz of the rasp, Joe files the countertop edges flush
pop of a nailgun – quarter-rounds secured to the edging

clank of the plastic-ware
chop chop of the cheese and chicken
slurp of iced tea and lemonade
did you get enough to eat?
“here’s your peanut butter and jelly sandwich”
twist my arm to eat another chicken nugget

rumble of the Diesel engine
chirp of the price scanner at Lowe’s

murmur of conversations, bonds forming, friendships growing

click goes the hotel room door
spray of the shower
crumple of sheets under tired servants

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