What’s in a name?

Who knew naming a homeschool could be so difficult. We could go simple and say The Navarro’s Homeschool/Christian School/Academy.

The official NC Non-Public Education website suggests you not use your family name or address or student’s name (what if you move or add another student) and they politely remind you this is the name that will be in your child’s education record and on their diploma forever!

So, we started talking about it. I came up with the idea of having the word “Academy” in there. Connor and I both immediately thought of “Starfleet” and laughed. I read a blog where a family named theirs Fawkes Academy after the phoenix in the Harry Potter series. I liked that but phoenix is kind of famous for another school now and neither of us is that big a fan of Harry Potter. I looked up phoenix in wikipedia and saw Firebird. But Connor nixed that one too.

I’m riding the fence between having fun with coming up with a name and keeping Connor involved in choosing it, and being the adult who remembers this could be his education for the next 5 years and the name we come up with will be on his transcripts and diploma for the rest of his life which might even include college or military. I just don’t think “Starfleet Academy” will have the right tone to start that kind of relationship.

We have until July 1 to come up with something. Then I have to send off the paperwork registering our homeschool. I can’t wait to see what we come up with.

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