Tentative curriculum

So, after all my changes and tweaking, what am I thinking about using for Connor?

Math – either Teaching Textbooks or Videotext Algebra. Posts are even on either side. Some love TT and hate VT, others love VT and didn’t like TT. I’ll probably buy the 1st unit of VT and let Connor check it out.

Science – Apologia. I will start with General Science this year, then Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, and maybe end with Biology (I know he just took that last year so we can’t go back there too soon).

Language Arts – Vocabulary from Classical Roots A & B by EPS and Progressing with Courage for Grammar by Rod & Staff. Then literature/reading and writing will come with the history work.

Logic – MindBenders A1-A4 from Critical Thinking. The software version looks good.

History – I decided to just start at the beginning so we’ll be studying Ancient times (5000 B.C to A.D. 400). I picked up the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia for guiding his studies. Add to that the reading list from WTM for primary sources and literature, plus maybe some Jackdaw packets. I was looking at the Notgrass World History. I don’t think I want to use the textbook, but I think I’d like what’s in the primary sources text. But we can find a lot of what we need at the library or online. We will definitely had a timeline on the wall, a globe, a big world map, and a subscription to Encyclopedia Britannica which will include an atlas.

I also found a good Homeschool Tracker to keep up with the subjects and lesson plans and create a report card and transcript every year.

I’m going to a session at Growing Scholars on July 1 to talk about home schooling and curriculum so I won’t make any final decisions until then. I’m also going to get some information from a friend on Carol Joy Seid and see if that changes any of my plans.

So, there it is. For now. Subject to change 😉

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