Home school lesson plans

I pulled a Word template for creating a lesson plan per subject from another blog. And it is a great format. She also had a great one already done for the Apologia General Science that does a great job of warning about lab materials ahead of time. Very cool.

I wanted to create a plan for my history, geography, literature, Bible reading using the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia as the spine. I was going along great, getting the Bible reading to actually time up with some of the history pages. Then I realized I had been doing 2 Kingfisher page-pairs a week instead of 1, so we were going to finish in 26 weeks instead of 36. I went back to try to move stuff back around in the document and drove myself nuts. So, I went ahead and bought the Homeschool Tracker software so I could make these adjustments without driving myself absolutely batty.

The software is really great, I could plan it all out, copy easily to create new entries, then preview it in a schedule to see if the dates worked out. History fits exactly into the 36 weeks. Bible ends a bit early, but I skipped Job and went light on Proverbs so we can tack more of those on the end. And I am well aware that all of this may need to be adjusted when we actually start to work. But at least I have an idea of how to start.

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