Friends – human and canine

Last weekend I was house and dog sitting for some friends. They have a Great Dane who can’t be crated so I go hang out and make sure the yard breaks and feedings happen on schedule. Kramer (the Great Dane) thinks he should eat and go outside about 4:30 am. I am determined that 6:00 am is the earliest I’m getting up. Jill (his mother) has successfully trained him to wait until about 8:00 am.

This time was even more adventuresome because they have their house on the market and Monday morning the realtor called to schedule a showing. I had planned on coming back to my house mid-day anyway. So, I spent Monday morning following Jill’s list of final touches to clean and straighten the house up, then packed all my stuff and the dogs into their truck and drove over to my house.

Here are the dogs hanging out by the front door so that when their owner comes they can show they are ready to go! (Notice they are sitting on the runner. It’s very hard to sit on a hardwood floor, as the rear and paws keep sliding apart.)

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