It’s been a strange week. I work on the computer but seldom have pain in my arms or wrists. But back in June when I went wild looking up home school information I must have used the mouse too much and my right shoulder started hurting. I’ve tried to cut back on the web-surfing and give my arm a rest. But it didn’t get better and this week it got worse. Then my wrist started hurting. So, I pulled out the old Pain Free by Pete Egoscue. I started with the shoulder and wrist E-cises. Then the upper back started hurting (squeezing together my shoulder blades hurts, probably not a good sign) so I added the back E-cises. He mentions that many of the positions come from yoga and yoga is good for alignment so I kept up my yoga this week as well. I did notice that my shoulder feels better at the end of the yoga session.

I said I’d stay away from the computer over the weekend, and here I am. I’ll finish up this post and walk out of the office until Monday.

Anthony and I have given copies of Pain Free to a number of friends. The concepts are great and it is certainly worth trying before going through the expense and pain of surgery. The overall concept is that we just don’t move enough in enough different ways like the body is built to do and we get out of alignment. He provides E-cises to get you moving those different ways again and get the body back into alignment.

That’s it for today. Off to do something not at the computer!

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