Dad update

I just spoke with Judy to see how my dad is doing today. Here is an update from the past few conversations we’ve had.

This weekend they reduced the respirator quite a bit. They used the cpap and it worked for awhile, but they haven’t done it since then. He’s breathing on his own but gets tired and doesn’t breathe completely. The cpap helped him get a full functional breath. For now they are using the respirator but they are talking about a trach color.

He’s running a low grade temperature the past few days. They sayd the pneumonia was looking better but the VRE infection is still there so they are still monitoring and tweaking the antibiotics.

They have reduced the sedation and he is now aware that Judy is there. He’ll squeeze her hand when she asks him to. He still gets uncomfortable with the tube and general pain so they will give him pain meds and he’ll go back to sleep.

It’s all sounding a bit optimistic. I plan to drive up Saturday morning to visit with him.

Here’s a pic of me with my Dad in 1970. The pants and the couch go so well together!

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