I don’t do enough

This EMBA seemed like a good idea at the time but I’m itching to be done and have time to do other things again. And I know many of us struggle with sitting at a desk job day after day when we see the needs out there. One thing I can do better is pray – more often, for more people, and with more urgency. And when school is over I will attempt to take some of that suddenly “free” time and do more with it.

For now, two things to pray about.

This from WorldMag Blog – the post describes the specific prayer need well. The related prayer need is for me and my church to find ways to teach the soft skills as well.

Then this from Ministry So Fabulous. This is a blog about the life of a 24 year old who has a roommate that has just become a single mom this week. (The blog has been following the pregnancy all along). Her blog entry that I have linked to is a very convicting message that more pastors and christians need to hear and take to heart.

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  1. Just now seeing this… thank you so, so much. 🙂

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