It’s not easy being green

Meet Stubs. He was a normal frog when he first came to the house. However, he quickly became Lefty due to a tragic accident involving a cat and a couch.

Lefty he remained for a year, then he disappeared from view. It’s easy to understand why. He lost track of his other appendage. How do you explain that? Was it the cat again?

Once we brought him back out into the light he slowly adjusted to life as Stubs.

Then, Blu-Ray moved in. As he was exploring the house and learning the territory he came across Stubs. Now, Stubs most definitely smelled of Bluetooth, the competition. That just couldn’t be tolerated. We found poor Stubs face down in the water dish.

Note: as of this morning Stubs apparently belongs to Blu-Ray now. I’m not sure Bluetooth has accepted this change yet.

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One Response to It’s not easy being green

  1. Krista says:

    Was that Blu’s version of Chinese water torture? Brainwashing? “You are my toy! ” Oh how funny!!

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