I found this over at Mt Hope Chronicles and wanted to share it.


Check out Advent Conspiracy for more information and ways to get involved.

I’ve been thinking about this myself. I have some gifts for just about everyone on the list. Maybe this will be a transition year for some of those people with a WorldVision or Samaritan’s Purse gift included and a discussion about how to do even more next year.

Join the conspiracy!

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  1. Sharaya says:


    LOVE your blog! It seems we have a lot of common interests. I look forward to exploring your blog more…I first hear of the Advent Conspiracy last year from Ann at holy experience. One thing we do is as a family, the first present we open in the one we give to Jesus. I wrap the Samaritan’s Purse catalog in plain, brown paper (like Jesus coming to us as a poor baby) and send the kids off to find it hidden in the house (like the wise men seeking the Christ child). Then we open it, talking about giving to Jesus by giving “to the least of these.” Then each member of the family chooses a gift they want to give to Jesus from the catalog. We have SO MUCH fun with it! Then I go upstairs and “order” the items from their website. Then we continue with the rest of our festivities. Just one idea tos share…

    (Hmmm…maybe I should blog about that!)

    Well, keep sharing your heart with the world…God bless you!

    ~ Sharaya

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