Bible reading status 2/8

questionoftheweekblogactually First, the question for this past week:

What do you do in the in-between times? Those times when you are in-between-Bibles or in-between-books of the Bible, or in-between Bible studies. Do you ever feel a bit lost, a bit unsure of where to go next? what to read or study next? It’s not that you don’t want to read–you do–it’s just you may be a bit indecisive OR you may be a bit overwhelmed with all the choices.

This year there is always something to read to keep up with the Wednesday night sessions working through the Bible. I even read Leviticus this week in preparation for that.

In general, I do have some time spent wondering where to go next. Do I jump into something big like Isaiah or go with a smaller (often neglected) prophet? Or do I want to be in the New Testament? Usually, something comes along (a verse mentioned by someone else, a Sunday School lesson, or other) that guides me to another book to read.


Status in reading the Bible this week:

As mentioned, I read all of Leviticus (with very little skimming). A friend mentioned a sermon in a series on Leviticus that did a great job of introducing the sacrificial system and talking about what it means to us. That definitely helped give me some structure for my reading. It’s on this page. Go down to the 2/17/08 sermon.

That means Numbers is next. Plus some time in the Psalms.

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