The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom
This is our April book club selection. We’ve all know we should read it for years but just never did. Jill finally said we should do it and now we have. Wow, what a book.

Nollie’s insistence that God will honor our honesty – she does it twice and things work out well both times. She was right.

The verse that God is our hiding place.

The teaching from her father that some things are too heavy for us to bear just now, but God will give us the knowledge and strength just in time. We see this with her aunt Jans as she realizes she is dying and then again and again in the concentration camp. If they had known what was coming could they have persevered?

There are no ifs in God’s world. His timing is perfect. His will is our hiding place. Pray to Him to keep us in His will.

There was no long distinction between prayer and real life. They had to depend on Him for everything and that included being grateful for everything (including the fleas) and forgiveness for their captors and tormentors.

Corrie was always thinking of the poor victims and how to help. Her father and Betsie were always thinking of the Germans and their need for love and grace to replace all the hate in their hearts. I want to be like Betsie – always caring for others, remembering the details of their lives and showing love and concern for them.

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  1. Just Mom says:

    This is one of my all time favorite books. Whenever I am challenged in seeing God’s hand in a set of circumstances, I remember the fleas!

    Just Mom’s last blog post..The Power of Simple Prayer by Joyce Meyer

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