Wifey Wednesday or My dear husband is the best!

This is my 200th published post! I asked Anthony yesterday what I should write for post 200 and he, being the humble creature he is, suggested I write about how wonderful my husband is for introducing me to blogging. Sounded like a good plan to me. Then I ran across the Wifey Wednesday post at …To Love, Honor, and Vacuum and this seemed to fit in.


The concept in her Wifey Wednesday posting is this:

Marriages don’t succeed because we marry the right person. They succeed when we become the right person.

In the 16 years we’ve been married, we have both changed. Some of it is the normal change of growing older. Much of it is the experiences we’ve had and by sharing them we understand the new people we’ve become. Some things haven’t changed and we still work to find a way to accept or adjust to.

I remember the first few years were hard at times. Mainly I was concerned that I wasn’t a good wife and didn’t have a firm foundation to rest in while I tried to meet his needs (and the many demands I made of myself). He was the stubborn one who wouldn’t let me push him away and that is the ONLY reason we are still together. Right toward the end of this period where I was feeling so insecure I realized that Anthony was growing and changing and I didn’t think I was. I became afraid that he wouldn’t want to stay with me because I was holding him back. He stood strong through that, too. He also helped me grow.

The past 10 years have been great and keep getting better. I think a lot of it has to do with both of us joining our church and growing spiritually. I was a Christian but I didn’t understand enough of what that meant or where Anthony was. I now realize I was unequally yoked. God is good and I married a wonderful man and because I insisted we find a church and he didn’t realize he wasn’t saved, we are now very equally yoked.

He is a good complement to me, he stretches me and challenges me when I’m being uncharitable or withdrawing into a narrow world. I keep the bills paid and remind him of his commitments. He cherishes me and seeks to provide for me and nurture me and it is wonderful to watch his efforts and his success at this.

Which gets us to the point to this blog. I decided one day that I wanted to create a private blog to use as a journal. He sent me to wordpress.com and gave me some tips. Then I decided that I wanted to do a real blog that other people might see. He sent me back to wordpress and encouraged me. I next decided that I wanted to have a different theme and didn’t find what I wanted in the stock supply at wordpress.com. He moved my blog over to an external host and helped me find and install an independent theme.

He doesn’t actually follow my blog, but if I post something I want to share with him I just shoot him a link to the entry. He always knows the answers or knows where to search when I have questions. He is a great trainer because he really wants to watch you walk through doing it, and because he can remember where menu items are for all kinds of programs without having it right in front of him. Early in our marriage I was amazed that he could walk people through things in the DOS version of WordPerfect a few years after I had moved onto the Windows version and then onto Microsoft Word. (He cannot, however, remember what we’re doing this Saturday, that’s where his iPhone and I come in handy.)

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