What I did with my long weekend

A three day weekend is a great thing. And given that all my weekends seem to be booked lately, this was no exception.

I got up Saturday and drove off to the business park to run in my 6K. I did pretty well, coming in at about 41 minutes. Then I came home to find the rest of the folks in the house just getting up.

I doled out some assignments which resulted in nephew #2 mowing the yard while hubby edged and trimmed. Nephew #1 worked hard at … eating breakfast.

Then, I headed off to a baby shower at the Duke Mansion. Hubby took both nephews to Home Depot and had them help load some paver stones into the truck. Then, he dropped them off at a friends which means he had to unload the truck alone (not good planning) and drive some friends down to the hospital for visitation.

I got back from the shower and DH got back from the hospital in time to go to our friends’ for dinner. Yummy food and great company. Home in time for showers and bed.

Sunday started with church. Then lunch, change clothes, grocery shopping, and back over to my friend’s house to whip up a dish for the cul-de-sac party that night. DH spent most of the afternoon at the hospital again. Off to choir practice and prayer meeting, then back to eat the dregs left from the cul-de-sac party. Home in time for showers and bed.

Monday – need to catch up on laundry – the boys didn’t bring that many changes of clothes and with the mowing, etc, they’ve gone through most of it. While the boys were sleeping in, DH and I ran to Lowe’s to get sand and paver stones – seems we’re serious about the little yard project. Since the stones from Saturday are in my spot in the garage, we better get this done fast – I am paying a lot for that garage and I want my car in it!

He and I and a very nice assistant at Lowe’s got lots of paver stones loaded into the truck. Then we came home and started preparing the ground around the a/c units. The boys finally got up (after much prodding) so we assigned them the duty of emptying the stones out of the truck. That was a joyful task!

Then I ran off for more tools and lunch. Somehow after lunch the boys disappeared so DH and I kept working. I finally had to quit, make sure the boys had packed and cleaned their room, showered (finally), put the 3rd load in to wash, and drove the 1.5 hours to get the boys home. Hung around for a birthday party that was really burnt hamburgers and a very cool birthday cake. Then drove back home to find DH had made phenomenal progress while I was gone. We’re over 1/2 way there with this little project. Good thing we only do one of these every few years.

I’ll post pictures (before, during, and after) in another day or two. Today, I’ve finished 2 more loads of laundry, put clean sheets on the bed for Mom who comes home tonight, and soon I need to work through this stack of receipts on my desk.

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