Review: Saved by Grace by Sonya Buchanan

Title: Saved By Grace
Author: Sonya M. Buchanan
Format: paperback
Characters: SunnyFaith
Setting: US
Genre: Christian fiction
Publication: 2009, Xulon press
Source: review copy from author

This is a short book that tells the story of a much-loved young woman who leaves home for college and then a career and struggles to make decisions on her own. It is an interesting story showing how complete acceptance of others with no discernment is dangerous and choices made for others can lead one far from home.

The book is set in short chapters, with sidebars that highlight relevant Scriptures and precepts from the Bible that apply to the story, then 3 discussion questions at the end of each chapter. The text is double spaced, which I found a little distracting, but the placement of the sidebars is well done and there are no glaring typos so it is an easy read from that standpoint.

The story seems intended to convey the issues without going into specifics that may allow people to say it isn’t like their story. Yet, the lack of details, for me, made the story a bit superficial. The names and transitions are a bit preachy as well. But the story is a very important one and I think the sidebars are very well written and bring out very good points. It is worth reading the book just to meditate on the sidebars.

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