Christmas is coming

This is not a real cheerful Christmas this year, as we struggle to understand and move forward with the results of Anthony’s brother’s actions.

But it is still a joyful season. We are saved and secure, no matter what happens here we know where will spend eternity and we are loved by a Holy and Awesome God.

While we were all here the weekend after Christmas I got our Christmas Ladder tree up. I am spoiled by how easy it is to put so many cool decorations on the tree. We don’t have a lot of flat surfaces waiting for decorations in the rest of the house, so this year I even put our nativity scene on the tree. (Someone kept inviting Tigger to the nativity. 🙂

I didn’t leave an empty spot, but one of the items on the tree is a soft bag and Bluetooth has found that spot quite satisfactory.

My favorite addition to my Christmas decorations this year is the fantastic Christmas Wreath that Edie made for me!

Hopefully no birds will build a nest in this wreath (I guess that means I need to take it down earlier than I did last year).

Thursday night while in Raleigh I got to go hear my nephew singing with his Chorus group. A fine way to begin the season.

Tomorrow night, of course, is our Cantata at Church. Last Monday was a covered dish dinner with some good friends. This coming Monday is a Christmas party / ornament exchange. Family get-together next Saturday. Tis the season. I am very happy to say that we’ve done a better job this past year of staying in touch with family and friends, so this isn’t the only month of the year that we get to see each other. I expect to make next year even better!!

Stay warm and spend time remembering how blessed you are!

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