What I learned at yoga class

My sister (in-law for those keeping score) has a yoga studio and I love to go take a class when I can. (See my thoughts on yoga here.) I haven’t made it in the past few weeks due to a busy schedule, but today freed up so I headed down for her 9:30 class. The floor is cork, the lighting is just right, the atmosphere is good for a challenging and refreshing yoga practice.

One reason I headed down to Charlotte on what could be a day off is because my left hip started hurting (again) earlier this week. Nursing it hasn’t worked, so it was time to do something different/better. Yoga is strenuous in ways and comforting in ways, and usually a good balance for a body part that is sore.

I had a few thoughts while sweating and breathing and stretching.

Being content – in class and out of class

Early in the class Christine stated that our breathing and emotional state should be consistent throughout the practice and life. (not her exact words, it was a few hours ago.) It occurred to me that this sounds like the call to be content in all circumstances.

No, I do it myself!

Toward the end of class, as I tried to get into pigeon pose, I realized I often start a pose by tensing my muscles and struggling to get into the right position, knee over ankle, arms up or out or down, hips even or open, whatever it is. The struggle then is to stop struggling 🙂 I need to learn to relax into the pose. As I was doing this I meditated on the fact that I do the same when I try to live in my own strength. I struggle to do the right thing, have the right attitude, feel the right emotions. But I do better when I relax into the strength of the Holy Spirit. Again – not that I’m just taking it easy and kicking back. But I turn to the Holy Spirit for the help, guidance, and strength that I need. Then I trust that He is there, giving me the words or the patience or the wisdom.

And sometimes it’s just time for a good nap.

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