Did someone mention running?

Well, it is that time of year. The weather and the lack of sunshine conspire to prevent my running. I know people run in the dark and the cold in lots of layers. But that just isn’t happening for me. I don’t like the cold and I don’t like the cold dark, and I’ve just been busy.

Last winter I ran in the middle of the day when I could. I had days where I didn’t have any meetings for an hour or so and I could slip out for a run. About 1 or 2 pm when it was as warm as it could possibly get and the sun was shining directly down was best.

I see that in Nov of 2009 I ran 8 times for a total of about 18.5 miles and in Dec of 2009 I ran 4 times for a total of 9.5 miles that month. Then I ran once in January and twice in March. Things started picking up again in April!

This year has pretty much repeated that. It started getting cold in November plus life got turned upside down and I spent most of that month in Raleigh. December and January were just not conducive to running. And work has been crazy – I do not have an hour without meetings any day of the week these days.

Here is what my running has looked like, including the 3.2 miles I ran (very slowly) today.

The main difference is that last winter we were doing P90X almost every single day so even while I wasn’t running I was working hard. This year, not so much. I have made it to yoga class 6 times and that is about the extent of my workouts. It isn’t like I’ve been sitting around on my bum, though. I have been out with friends, at meetings, doing deacon things, ringing bells and singing with the choir, walking around wineries, etc.

But today was so nice and while I’m tired and sore just from a short run, I am really eager for Spring to really arrive and my early morning runs to start up again!

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