Mission Trip coming up!

We are headed to Mexico again! We haven’t been in a few years (it’s been longer than I had realized). For several years we went to San Pedro outside of Merida in the Yucatan peninsula. A fascinating combination of rocks and jungle. And wonderful people.

This year we are going to Camp Maranatha. It’s a retreat center for the denomination in central Mexico, also used for lots of youth camps and other events. We’ll be in Rio Verde, flying in to San Luis Potosi followed by a bus ride (a touring bus, no chickens). We will be doing some repairs and construction work, part of the ongoing effort to get the Camp into tip top shape.

We are going early August, but they promise the weather will be nice. I know what August in NC is like, so we’ll see how it is in Mexico.

How you can help!

Prayers – we are flying from Houston to San Luis Potosi, so we will not be anywhere near the border areas that have been so dangerous lately. But we always covet prayers for safe travel and the wellbeing of all of us on the trip.

My mom will be house-sitting for us – taking care of the cat. She’s already making plans to have both my aunts over and doing some visiting and site-seeing. Pray that they can get the remote to work when they sit down to watch movies in the theater room, and that the rest of the week goes well, of course!

Funding – it does cost money to fly to Mexico and to purchase materials. We would appreciate a donation of any amount , as it all adds up and helps cover the costs. We have already raised some money through fund raisers at our church, including a spaghetti dinner in February and a Chili Cookoff in March (yummy!). We have a festival planned for June with burgers, hotdogs, and bbq, plus games and fun stuff for the whole family!

You can donate two ways!
The digital way – http://www.razoo.com/story/Laura-Navarro-Fundraising-For-Mexico-Mission-Trip-2011
This link (also in the widget below in this post and in the sidebar) is also on my Facebook wall and I will tweet it a few times. Razoo shows the amount for the entire team. It’s about $1700 a person unless we can get airfare costs down.

The old fashioned way – send a check made out to Huntersville ARP Church, and note Navarro mission trip in the memo field, or just Mission trip, any funds help the entire group cover the costs.
Address for donations
Huntersville ARP Church
PO Box 316
Huntersville, NC 28070

Donate to Laura Navarro fundraising for Mexico Mission Trip 2011

I’ll update with more details and preparation descriptions as the time gets closer (it’s already a lot closer than I expected). I appreciate all your support, especially the encouraging words!


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