Stand up!

I’ve thought for awhile about having a standing desk. There is more support for it being healthier than sitting in a chair, usually with poor posture, all day long. Don has sent along a few things about how to make it happen. It’s always just been a tad too much trouble and I wasn’t sure it would really work out. I don’t have or refuse to spend the money on a desk that can convert from sitting to standing height, although that would probably be ideal.

But recently my elbows have been hurting and the doctor blames it on tendonitis from typing. Although I think I am pretty good about not just typing for hours on end. I do, however, keep my arms in a pretty static position all day long. Plus, I was reading the memoir by Donald Rumsfeld, Known and Unknown, and he used a standing desk. So, Saturday morning I mentioned this to the darling ingenious husband and we spent some time musing about how it could be done.

Platforms came to mind, new furniture didn’t even really get a mention. But time and money was likely to disperse any impetus we had. Finally, I asked if we could just use the ugly cinder blocks we have in the garage at least for a temporary solution to see if I could get used to it. Shortly after that, we were up and at it. But with prettier bricks.

After two full days of a standing desk, I am rather pleased. My back is fine, posture is good, squats and stretches are being done. I borrowed a bar chair from friends so I can sit down once in awhile – this is not a cold turkey kind of thing. I have a rubber mat for some extra cushion but the feet are still sore while I get used to this.

Overall, I consider it a success!

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