I missed yesterday, must have been that nice long nap I took.

God gives us wings to fly. Not literally, through the sky, but freedom from our sins, from our bad habits, the things that weigh us down. He takes it all away.

God the Father tends to get a bad rap these days, like he is all wrath and anger. But it was His plan from the beginning to send His Son to die for our sins. He felt the pain of His Son on the cross and the separation had to be as painful for Him as it was for Christ. Yet He did it for us.

Christ died for ALL our sins. Every single one of them.

God the Father initiated all the covenants in the Bible knowing we couldn’t meet the conditions. He made the conditional covenants unconditional by promising to keep the conditions Himself. Because He knows we are but dust and unable to keep the ourselves.

We are able to resist sin because Christ died to give us that freedom. Before Christ we could not have resisted and wouldn’t have wanted to resist. But now we can resist, we can walk away. And even when we do sin, Christ has still obtained forgiveness for all our present and future sins as well.

We need to remember this and trust God, He knows what He is doing. He is making us like His Son. And He is lifting the weights off of our backs, the things that tie us down, the reasons we fall. He is removing all of them so we can fly!


(I had a whole post but hackers (hiss, boo, die all of you) are wreaking havoc on my blog and I lost it. Argh!!!! I hope this one at least conveys some of what my first pass said.)

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