What are you worth?

I saw this awesome demonstration of one way to NOT answer that question.

image Don’t use your weight to define you. Although I have obsessed about my weight after losing 60 pounds in a few months, but once I get it back, I’ll stop worrying about weight. Even when heavier than I liked, it never defined me.

We get our worth from our children. But that puts pressure on them to be perfect. so that’s not a really good option.

We get our worth from our job, but job markets dry up and things go sideways, so another less than safe option.

Maybe our net worth? Again, markets go sideways and danger lurks. Besides, some people don’t care how much money you have.

The best kind of worth is your worth in the eyes of God. He sees you as precious, made in His image, and of infinite worth. He sent His Son to die for your sins so you could have eternal life. Find your worth in something that is unchanging and stable and true. We don’t recognize truth often these days, but look for it, seek for it, ask God for it. He is truth. And that is worthy of our worship and love and obedience.

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