Hm… Do I add value to people’s lives as I interact with them? That would be one of my values, to make a positive impact.

Once, as an introvert, my preference was to make no impact and not be noticed. But I have a friend who is a great role model for making a positive impact in the lives of everyone she interacts with. I want to do that. I strive to do that now. Most people who call the house talk about how upbeat and cheerful I seem. Well, I decided being down and sad wasn’t going to help anyone, including me. So I am cheerful and when the nurse or insurance person asks how I am, I truly ask them how they are doing as well.

We have 2 other guys living in our house during this time. It is no imposition at all, they are so easy to live with. One of them hugs me at least once every single day. I love his mother dearly, so I figure at least half those hugs are from her :-). And it warms my heart to get that hug. Plus, he’s tall and it’s the most comfortable hug I get. Hugging others is good, but requires some bending or dodging that isn’t required with Nate. 🙂

So, I value being a positive impact and providing value to others. If they have to deal with me, it might as well be pleasant and hopefully profitable, even if it’s just a smile before they get back to the daily grind. That’s worth the time spent with them. Even an introvert can make good conversation!

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