These two people

I am grateful for so many people in my life. I could list 70 names with no hesitation, and at least 10 of the closest and bestest! I’m going to focus on these two as they travel home today. Nate is the son of a good friend of mine and he moved back up to NC (from FL) to do a movie and was living out of his car. I convinced him I would feel better if he moved into our guest room so he did. He hugs me every single day and is such a joy to talk with. He has saved me a few times when I couldn’t reach my picc line connection, etc. The past few weeks he was hiding a golden retriever that he bought for his mom. She was a doll and we enjoyed having her in the house so much.

But all things come to an end, and they drove Nala down to Florida to meet her new parents, Beth and Bill. I hear Bill and Nala are in love already! Not surprised, she is a sweet heart and so adorable.

Anyway, Nate also brought Hannah closer to us. We have gone to church with her for years but now she drops by our house almost daily and we’ve cooked meals for each other and just in general had a great time. She is sweet and gentle and encouraging to me. I am so glad to have both of them. So here they are in Florida.


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