My gifts

I have received a blanket made by Chris and Connie (ConMcCon). A quilt made by Barb, a prayer shawl made by the women at the church my Dad’s widow attends, and hand warmers from Krista. I love them all and being as cold natured as I am lately, I use them all. Thank you my friends for loving me so well! These are just a few physical samples of all the love I’ve received over the years.

Notice Blue had to be part of the picture. He likes all my gifts too. They are comfy.

Isn’t that quilt beautiful?

Gifts received

Gifts received

Mom also thinks they are all beautiful and kept coveting my quilt and blanket. Well, Charlotte got a blanket made for Mom (very cool purples) and Aunt Elaine and her daughter-in-law Liz made a quilt for Mom. She’s made out well, my friends.Thank you for loving my Mom because you love me, and because she’s lovable.

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