Supplies and coordination

My TPN (IV Nutrition) supplies arrive Thursday nights. Sometimes as late as 8pm. But last week I went on the beach trip and we left Thursday morning. Everyone jumped in to help. The home health nurse came Sunday to get my blood work. The pharmacy sent my supplies on Wednesday. So Wednesday night I made a bag for each day. I had already written the list of what I needed on each bag, so I wouldn’t forget anything. All I had to do was put the stuff in the bags and off we went with TPN on-the-go. Take-out TPN.

I’m grateful to the people who helped get it to me early. And the friends at the beach (a CNA and a nurse) who helped handle the sharp needle to get my vitamins into the TPN. That part is not my strong suit, but they handled it and helped me get all the other steps done every night.


For home organization, Anthony bought this set of drawers to keep it all in. The home health nurse really appreciates it. Easy to find what she needs. And easy every night when we set up my TPN or fluids.


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