I had this dream last Wednesday, but then I left for the beach for the weekend so I haven’t written about it yet. I tend to have strange dreams and I can pull in random people into strange situations. It’s usually an interesting look into what I’m thinking about at the time. Anthony has some scale he judges my dreams by and lets me know how weird they are. He says this one isn’t that strange but it felt weird when I woke up.

I dreamed that I was at my dad’s house talking with his wife Judy and my aunt and cousin. Someone else was with me, I think it was my sister Nancy or Anthony. It turns out that Judy had my dad’s body laid out on a bed or a counter. We didn’t see anything strange about this and sat around him having our conversation. Then he started mumbling something in response to our conversation. At that point we all got up to go. Now, we weren’t leaving because we were spooked or scared, but because we thought Judy might want to be alone with him. (This is totally how I felt every time I visited him the hospital. I also have issues with not wanting to impose on people. Therefore, this action makes total sense to me.)

After my aunt and cousin headed to their car, I decided to head back in one more time just to see if Judy needed anything. She was helping Dad get up, apparently they go for a walk every afternoon. I noticed that his hair was black, like it was a few years ago before the chemo. They asked me to stay so we three (or four?) went for a walk in the yard and talked (not about anything in particular).

Then I woke up.

I guess I miss him.

Love you sis.

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