Reading this week

I finished Everlost by Neal Shusterman. It came up in a review by Orson Scott Card. Actually, I was reading his more recent review of Antsy Does Time by Shusterman and he mentioned Everlost. I checked both out of the library and started with Everlost. OSC gives a great description of the plot and many of the themes that come up in the book.

I am usually in agreement with OSC’s reviews of movies and books so I trust a recommendation. He also has a wide range of likes so he draws me into unfamiliar territory. I don’t read very many young adult books (there are so many books to read and I just don’t have time) so I tend to let OSC winnow through them and let me know which ones I should make time for.

This is turning into a review of OSC instead of Everlost. That’s not bad, it’s a good thing to spend sometime at Hatrackand see what all he has to say.

I did enjoy Everlost. The concepts were introduced well so you learned what you needed to know as it came up without feeling like the rules kept changing. It also has good topics such as how someone determines their purpose and how they face challenges to that purpose.

Note: I edited this post because I learned how to do the Amazon image and text links and wanted to add that in here.

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