Another cat update – we sent BluRay back

Well, it hasn’t worked out like we hoped. BluRay and Bluetooth seemed to be getting along a little bit better, but last night there were a few more episodes of hissing. Plus, BluRay hasn’t used the CatGenie for a few days. We were blocking off more and more parts of the house (which Bluetooth didn’t appreciate) and then walking around to find out where he had gone. It also hasn’t looked healthy so we got medicine from the vet Monday.

This morning Anthony kept a close eye on the cat and when BluRay curled up to go to sleep Anthony finally went in to take his shower. A few minutes later Connor walked into my office and pointed out that BluRay had used my hutch as his litter box. I am happy to report it was on some papers I didn’t mind losing, not on a book or anything else I would be more upset about. The main concern was that it was still not healthy looking, in fact it looks worse than it did before we went to the vet on Monday.

Anthony called the vet and then took off with BluRay (I guess it is a benefit to Anthony losing his job on Monday). He explained why we were concerned. BluRay has been here over 2 weeks and is still not handling the food well. He has plenty of energy but doesn’t really look like he’s gained weight. I think Anthony is also losing patience with the litter box issue. He then explained to the vet that with Anthony’s job gone we can’t plan on major vet expenses and it isn’t working out with Bluetooth the way we had hoped. (Remember, this was supposed to be a cat for Bluetooth to have fun with.)

Final result – we won’t be getting BluRay back. The vet did say they will call and let us know if he gets better.

[Side note: I wasn’t that excited to get another cat and got very emotional when Bluetooth got abused by BluRay. Now I’m upset that BluRay had to go. I’m thinking it’s some side-effect of the grief. I have been emotional all my life but this is a bit more than usual.]

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  1. Christine says:

    Sorry to hear it didn’t work out.

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