What Happens When Women Say Yes to God (review)

I picked this up at a women’s conference of our denomination. The speaker was also from Proverbs 31 Ministries and she did such a great job I wanted to check out some of the books.

This one had an irrisistible title. I know I should and I want to and this sounds like great encouragement to increase that desire and fight the battle.

The book starts out with a great story of a time when God asked her to do something that seemed really hard without any clear benefit. She said yes, of course, and great things happened. She addresses how to hear God’s voice to know what to say yes to. Her five questions are very good. I especially like number 3. I have had that happen so many times and it is great reassurance that He really is talking to me.

  1. Does what I’m hearing line up with Scripture?
  2. Is it consistent with God’s character
  3. Is it being confirmed through messges I’m hearing at church or studying in my quiet times.
  4. Is it beyond me?
  5. Would it please God?

Then she points out that we must pray to hear His voice. She mentions praying for desire, discipline, discernment, direction, and delight in her relationship with Him. “God wants us to live in expectation of hearing from Him.” (p 42)

Next she talks about how obedience will always result in good. We should be much more worried about what our disobedience will cause us to miss. The more we obey, the more we’ll see him and trust him and then obedience will be a delight, not just a discipline.

In one chapter she talks about how being obedient will cause us to be threatening to others, who will then try to tear us down. She quotes Rick Warren quoting John Bunyan “If my life is fruitless, it doesn’t matter who praises me, and if my life is fruitful, it doesn’t matter who criticizes me.”

She points out that condemnation leaves us feeling hopeless and worthless while conviction invites us to make positive changes in our lives. We must learn the difference and ignore/resist the one while responding to the other. She goes on to talk about the choice to worry or worship.

Each chapter has another truth that is worth meditating on for a week. In chapter six she discusses that God is our Provider. How can He be our ultimate provider if we are never weak or in need? Yet more reason to trust Him and rejoice in His work at all times.

Through each chapter she points back to Scripture and to examples from the Bible. The book meets her own test (see the 5 questions).

Some points about our call to obedience:

  • our call to obedience may challenge our pride
  • God uses our experiences to equip us for our calling
  • our obedience may inspire others to respond

I have found a treasure in What Happens When Women Say Yes to God: Experiencing Life in Extraordinary Ways . This is a book that I will return to again and will meditate on much.

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  1. Decnavda says:

    This is your 6th book review in a month! Well, a month and a day, but still. I do not think I managed that pace when I spent 3 hours a day commuting by bus and train. And I was just listening to audiobooks. And I wasn’t writing reviews. Or in a graduate program, or active in church, or homeschooling anyone. No wonder you think you’re bad at math. You’re like Micheal Jordan complaining about his baseball game.

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