LM Montgomery – Pat of Silver Bush

I finished Pat of Silver Bush today. As expected, I cried a few times. It was so nice to be back on PEI. I loved Judy with her ould country speech, her many stories, and her love for Pat. The book is about a 7 year old girl living on Prince Edward Island. I have a friend with a 6 year old so I can easily see the thoughts and actions as described. Pat loves widely and deeply. Which means that change is dreaded, but must be faced as a fact of life. This book shows 11 years of Pat’s loves and growth through changes. I enjoyed the descriptions of her emotions, her surroundings, and how she faced each change. I am eager to read Mistress Pat now. I hope she and Jingle end up together.

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  1. I’m glad you liked Pat! It’s been a few years since I’ve caught up with her.

    Thanks for participating!

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