What is devastating?

More thoughts on my blog entry from Monday.

I said I wasn’t feeling bad or scared, that this was terrible or devastating. That is true, but perhaps I can be clearer. Maybe I need to be clearer so I remember this later. When friends say this is terrible or devastating, they are probably thinking that in this economy I may not find another job quickly. We may lose our house and other trappings of our comfortable life. When I say this isn’t devastating or terrible, I don’t mean those things won’t happen. I am aware that we may indeed lose a lot of the things we have and experience some humiliation as we find ourselves trying to get out from under all of the things we have right now. I don’t think the next months will be easy.

But I mean that having all of that happen is not devastating unless we lose our faith in God and harden our hearts. In the last two days I have gotten busy with cleaning up some things at work and with getting other todos done and wasn’t immersed in the Bible and in the books that have encouraged me and made me excited about what I could do, and I have found that with that distance and some of the conversations I’ve had I have become a little frightened and depressed. I can’t do that, I need to be more careful about how I spend my time.

I also need to get back into practice for job hunting. I created a new email address to use for my resume and the outplacement service and then didn’t check it. Today I found an email from the outplacement service that was sitting there for a few days. I need to develop some new habits, I guess.

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