Emily Climbs

This was a fun book. Emily is growing up and her relatives seem to be growing some as well.

Aunt Elizabeth still takes her role as caretaker very seriously and I think she is very wise in how she handles the opportunities and boundaries for Emily.

Cousin Jimmy is still wonderful. He has such unwavering love and faith in Emily. He is also wise, saving a few of them from their own pride. He helps Emily see why common sense and taking consequences into account are important.

Aunt Ruth is a terror, and she gets some comeuppance from Cousin Jimmy. But she is also family and she stands up for Emily when it really counts.

Ilse is still a mess, but such a wonderful friend. It is nice to see her receiving love from her father now.

Very interesting watching Perry, Teddy, Dean, and Andrew. They all have good taste, even if not always good sense.

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