The Immigration Crisis


This was an Early Reviewer selection through Library Thing. It is a pre-publication version of a book looking at what the Old Testament has to say about the role of the alien in society and how we can use that to think about the problem of illegal and illegal immigrants.

The introduction shows why the author has some interest and authority in the topic of immigration. Then the author establishes the foundation for the issues. Next he shows how resident aliens and foreigners are differentiated and treated in the Old Testament history and law. He also provides suggestions and conclusions about how these factors should guide our thinking about immigration issues.

I found the book very interesting. The distinction between resident aliens and foreigners was helpful, as was the description of the many benefits afforded resident aliens in Israel. I have recently read the Pentateuch but was surprised to see how often the aliens were included in the laws, including social benefits like gleaning and receiving part of the tithe, as well as participating in the feasts and offerings. He discusses Matthew 25:31-46 so well that it caused me to go reread it and rethink how I have applied it. I also agree with his discussion on the practice of sanctuary.

I recommend the book as a study of the topic and how it addresses the treatment of legal immigrants and gives some good thought toward how we should treat the concept and the reality of illegal immigrants.

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