Believing God by RC Sproul, Jr

I picked up a copy of Believing God at the Ligonier National Conference in March. I even had RC Sproul, Jr, autograph a copy for a friend of mine. From the first time I read a description of the book I knew it would be great content that I needed, written well.

I was right. He spends 12 chapters reviewing promises in the Scripture, discussing why we don’t believe them, why we should believe them, and what they say about the God who made the promises to us. He picks the big ones, the ones we try to reword to let God off the hook. And he shows us that they say what they say and why that is good news!

I have been convicted by this book. It brought to light beliefs, behaviors, and needs of mine that need to be corrected. I have also been encouraged by this book as 12 wonderful promises have been revealed and applied to me. There is lots of food for thought here, and I will be revisiting this book for more.

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