Kabul24 by Ben Pearson and Henry Arnold is my latest Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers pick.


It tells the story of the aid workers kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan. The book begins with the story of one of the Afghan women, but quickly moves into the set-up and arrest of 8 foreigners and 16 Afghan workers with Shelter Now, an agency that provided care for Afghan orphans and sick and poor through a variety of programs. It is an honest story of the stresses and fears as well as the faith and faithfulness of God that kept them alive and sane through the 105 days of their captivity.

The book presents the Afghans in a realistic light – good people and bad people. It also conveys the love these people had for the Afghans and their fears and anger with the Taliban for what it did to them as well as what it did to the country and people of Afghanistan. The ordeal of the 16 Afghan workers is not told in detail, but the fate of those 16 is never forgotten through the story and the prayers of the 8 foreigners for the release of those 16 even before their own release was answered.

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