Change in plans

As someone commented on SparkPeople – Life is what happens while we’re making plans.

Early in May we both signed up for the MSBike even in October. His plan was to ride 100 miles on Saturday and another 40 or 50 on Sunday. I figured I would try 40 on Saturday and see what I felt like on Sunday.

We got out for a ride in early June and it went pretty well. If we had kept to a real training schedule we would be in great shape for the MS ride. But training takes time and we kept running out of that.

I was still on track to do 40 miles on Saturday and then see if I did 35 or 20 on Sunday. After our last ride where DH called for a pick up at 50 miles I convinced him not to do the 100 miles for the MS Ride. He talked about the 80 mile but then was considering the 40 mile with me.

This week was very rushed but this morning between meetings and other stuff I did manage to lay out our clothes, bike clothes, shoes, helmets, towels, sleeping bags, etc… so we could pack this afternoon.

Work has been hectic all week with a review coming next week, but I thought we would be in good shape by today. Then they started pulling in last minute stuff that has to be done before Monday morning. Next thing I know I’m on the phone until 7:30 pm with more planned for Saturday morning.

I finally took a few minutes to talk to DH about the options and we decided it just made more sense for him to go on down to Greenville tonight and be ready for the bike ride tomorrow. I will stay here and do my work.

I’m kind of sad that I won’t be doing the ride after preparing for it and telling so many people about it. But it also solves some problems with other things that had to be covered this weekend. Now I can do those things and have some time to myself. For example – we needed to mow the yard, because we need to mow again this coming Thurs or Fri before traveling for 9 days. We have a friend staying the house, but she won’t be mowing our yard. Plus, my nephew called to chat for about 30 minutes Friday and I wouldn’t have been here for that. And the substitute to run the sound system at church is ill and shouldn’t be worrying about the sound system this weekend.

As my new favorite quote says “What should have happened did” so no regrets, just noticing how the best laid plans don’t always work out.

On the up side, I haven’t been for a run in a week and I was able to get out Saturday morning and enjoy being back on the road.

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