Find Your Strongest Life

Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham is my latest Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers pick.

I have enjoyed other books by Marcus Buckingham. He seems to speak realistically and practically about issues in our lives and the workplace. I also like how he focuses on building on your strengths, not trying to salvage your weaknesses. This book is consistent with what he has written before, but focuses on women and how we handle the many choices we have in today’s world. He encourages women to identify what they are strong at, acknowledge it, and incorporate that into a full life. This is better for all involved, rather than living up to some duty or life plan that seems reasonable or logical but leaves us mired in our weaknesses.

This is another great book that all women would benefit from reading. For some it will reinforce what they already do, but for most of us it will teach new skills and encourage a new and stronger way to live.

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