Oy, what a day

I feel like I’m having a bad day. I know it’s PMS and that knowledge hasn’t helped much.

Usually my PMS demon is the voices telling me how wrong and stupid I am. I am grateful I’m not actually having any issues like that this time. Really it’s just one big mood swing and a complete lack of patience. What is making this so obvious is one particular co-worker who is almost OCD in his attention to detail on this project, but this week he’s focusing on things that aren’t problems and not listening to the rest of us when we try to describe the project.

I’ve actually done well at explaining things to him and keeping my cool on the phone yesterday and today. But my behavior in the privacy of my home-office hasn’t been as nice. I have cried out for patience and help dealing with my emotions. Plus, tears have been shed and my voice has been raised. But I’m not banging on my desk. (A co-worker and I used to joke about this, since injuries sustained while banging on the desk in frustration at coworkers and processes are not covered under worker’s comp we’ve learned to not do it.)

In the midst of my “agonies” the two cats have been very needy and are constantly jumping up on my desk and trying to get in my lap. Today Ray walked across my desk past my monitors and towards the back of the desk. Then he started reaching for the tie-back holding my curtains open. He apparently forgot about that two foot gap between the desk and window. He slipped but caught himself once, but the temptation was too great. He lunged for the tie-back again and plunged to the floor. I laughed and eventually went around to check on him. He survived without a scratch.

Then BlueTooth came in and started prowling around trying to find a way up and into my lap. I was busy working on the computer and muttering so he went around to the back of the desk and tried to jump up there. He didn’t have enough room and fell back to the ground, taking my mouse and laptop wires with him. I grabbed both and he let go of the wires before disaster occurred. I finally pushed him out and shut the doors to keep them out.

I think all 3 of us will be happy when this hormonal firestorm passes. I am grateful that it’s happening early this week so I’ll be happy and calm when we head off to Hawaii.

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  1. Christine says:

    Cool. I didn’t know you were going to Hawaii! I hope you have a great time there, and your mood levels out.
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Edits =-.

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