Vacation – here we come!

I love my new Maple Leaf theme, so I’ll be back to it soon. But I switched to the Beach Holiday theme for the next week in recognition of our very cool vacation in Hawaii. I might even get in a blog entry or two from the lanai (cooler than just an old deck or porch) of the condo we’re staying in.

On the home front I am happy to report that the PMS is going away. I’m not a danger to nearby irritants now.

I have had to wash sheets multiple times this week as Ray has decided to pee on every bed, more than once. It has been such a joy to have those added todos this week while I had so much spare time between working and getting ready for the trip. There’s nothing like a week long vacation hanging over the head to bring some things into sharp relief. We are looking to have Ray out of the house before the end of the day and he won’t be coming back.

Out today because we aren’t going to leave this fun for our nice house and cat-sitter. And not coming back because it’s been 2 months and he’s persistent in this peeing – I’ve found it in a few other places over the past 3 weeks. A friend thinks he may be destined to be an outside cat which is fine, but we aren’t in a position to have an outside cat and we did tell the shelter we’d keep him as an inside cat so they need to be in on the issues.

Enough about that – the good news on the pet front is that my very good friend is getting a new Great Dane!!! We love our big dogs, or we love our dogs big. Anyway – I love when she has a big dog because I get to go over there and play with and love on them. Chandler will be a nice addition, even if I don’t get to meet him until after my vacation.

That’s it for now – off to finish my day of work and get packed. Aloha!

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  1. Christine says:

    Ooof, sorry about Ray. We had a cat like that, managed to find them a nice home without carpet. Wish you luck.

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