Reading in 2010

Everyone once in a while I realize most of my blog posts are about my reading. True, I do read a lot. I don’t have kids with cute stories and I’m private enough that I don’t go through my day thinking of things I need to blog (although I love other people who do that.) So, it’s safe to blog about what I’m reading and that’s what I end up doing.

That means, this is another blog post about my past, current, or future reading plans.

During my year of homeschooling I ran across a few groups and one of them started a project to read one book a week in 2009. I even posted some reviews on the blog a few times. I don’t really need the encouragement to read, that comes naturally But it was fun to see what other people were reading and share some thoughts on the books I read. I easily read more than 52 books this year. Probably closer to 100, in fact.

The group is doing it again for 2010, and I’m signing up. Between the Mind Voyages science fiction books and all the other books on my to-be-read list, I’m sure I will come up with 52 of them.

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