Christmas dinner was a success

We had a great Christmas dinner last Saturday. The weather did NOT cooperate and the sleet and snow kept some from attending. It also wreaked havoc with the turkey plans. But all the other food and many other guests made it and we had a good time.

My mother says I was a good hostess and made everyone feel very comfortable. That was good to hear because a few of the brothers-in-law might have gotten a curt word or two from me, maybe Mom just didn’t hear it. I loved having my aunts and nephews here. My Aunt Anne brought over a very nice gentleman friend who was great company.

Anthony saved the turkey – it was going to be fried, but I think we thawed it out a day too early. Then weather prevented the fryer from coming, so we were going to bake it. Then the oven went out and what with all the various temperature changes it had been through we were starting to doubt if we wanted to eat it. Anthony took out the breast meat and grilled it – a success!

Tomorrow we travel to Hickory to spend time with the nephews and their family. Then Saturday we travel to Raleigh for time with Anthony’s brother and family. That means 5 of us in the truck for 3 hours there and 3 hours back. (If you are the praying kind, keep all of us in mind 🙂

Tonight, we’re off to church service, including an O Holy Night solo. Then to our friends’ house for some merriment.


Merry Christmas to all of you!

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