On Christmas gifts and memories

I got what I wanted for Christmas! (Of course, it helps that I ripped the page out of World Magazine with the review of the Cirque de Soleil Elvis album and handed it to Anthony with the words – “This is what I want for Christmas”). I came home from Raleigh a week ago to find iTunes open and Viva Elvis in the play list! The review in World is right, this is great Elvis music. I have really enjoyed listening to the songs over the past week.

My Christmas present also makes me cry. I remember slow dancing with Dad to songs like Memories and Love Me Tender. And watching Elvis movies like King Creole and Blue Hawaii with him. All the times we listened to Blue Suede Shoes and Heartbreak Hotel while playing pool down in the basement. Singing along, dancing, laughing. Watching the Elvis bio movie every year (Kurt Russell!) and crying at the end because it always had the same sad ending.

Elvis brings back my childhood, and so many good memories of my Dad. October made 2 years that he’s been gone. And I really miss him.

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