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I’m using this post to capture some stuff I’ve come across lately.

This post from Desiring God by Jon Bloom is really a great discussion of how we should handle disappointment. It is wrong to feel disappointed because it is rooted in unbelief, doubting the promises of God. How convicting! If we examine it, odds are we are disappointed because we saw something that would feed our own glory (or our own ease and comfort) and we feel we are missing out on something now. Convicting!

Then this post by Kevin DeYoung about how we should feel about the doctrine of Hell. We should learn to love where the Bible stands. It isn’t ok to say we believe it because the Bible says it but we aren’t entirely comfortable with it. The law of the Lord should be our delight. Can I say that about Hell? About people I know and love who are not believers?

God is good and his ways are always right. It is a measure of our maturity that we not only affirm the truth of God’s word but rest in the goodness and rightness of it. Christians should have anguish in heart at the thought of eternal suffering, but we should also see the glory of God in the Bible’s teaching on eternal punishment.

Back to Desiring God for this wonderful post about motherhood. Treasure the calling!



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