Catching up

Things are hopping around here.

We spent the first week of August in Mexico. Which means we spent the last week of July getting ready to go to Mexico. Many thanks to my mom for house- and cat-sitting! And thanks to Ryan Taylor for taking Mom to the NASCAR Museum. Then Aunt Elaine and Aunt Anne came to party keep Mom company part of that week.

Then last week was spent catching up – with laundry, with email, with meetings. And last week was interrupted by the sad news of my cousin’s death at 46, leaving a wife and 2 children.

This week is still running full tilt. I sang a solo Sunday. Then I had Circle of Grace at my house Monday night (love that group!). Last night I had a meeting with some women about reinvigorating the Women’s Ministries of our local church. This coming Saturday is the First Presbyterial Annual Meeting (where I become Vice President of First Presbyterial, and also get to invite all the women to come to HARP for next year’s Annual Meeting). In preparation for Saturday, I’ve done lots of updating to the WM website.

Plus I’m working on the ‘new year’ stuff for church since we change our year in September (this is the last year for that, next year we go back to the calendar year structure). I remembered that I am Historian for HARP this year so I have until Sept 15 to get our History written up and submitted.

Plus Sunday I run my part of the 2nd Ramblin Rose triathlon, so I’m trying to find time to run at least a little. Ah, but September (so far) looks blessedly empty of major events so maybe I’ll get to read something personal and spend time updating my blog, and all that kind of stuff.

Anyway – as part of the History work, I’m working my way through a year’s worth of bulletins and wanted to capture some of the notes I am finding in there.

Aug 22 on Job 1: “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God” Corrie ten Boom

Oct 10 on Luke 7:11-17 Jesus is the maker and master of circumstance (guest preacher Nathan McCall)

Feb 13 Galatians 4:1-7 1. Inheritance = eternal riches; 2. complete access to God; 3. loving discipline; 4. connection with others (a family, identify, responsibility); 5. liberty to offer imperfect obedience (too many things I don’t attempt because I can’t do it perfectly); 6. enjoy it

Feb 20, 2011 on Acts 2:42-47: church was characterized by 1. devotion to teaching of God’s word – make receiving of God’s word a priority. 2. fellowship – committed to rich relationships in the family of God. 3. people pray together. 4. worship. 5. witness.

July 3, 2011 2 Cor 12:1-10 God is interested in our perception – we rejoice in Christ but for now we suffer. These trials have come so faith may be proven genuine and we will praise. Suffering is God’s servant. Spiritual pride leads to being blind to the mercy of Christ. The thorn can stay in place because God’s grace is sufficient. Doesn’t reduce the pain but gives it meaning. What if he does not remove you from the slimy pit or the miry bog? He is still the rock under your feet. We should boast/delight in our weakness.


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