Running update

Well, not much running going on is the truth. No running the week before Mexico or in Mexico and most of the week after Mexico. I got in one run Friday after MX and then one run the next week.

But today was my second (and last) triathlon for the season. Running relay again, with Dawn doing the swim and bike. We moved a bit slower this time. Plus there were a lot more people and a lot more relay teams so we didn’t place this time. Oh well, we had a great time chatting on the drive up, the drive around, the hotel stay, and the drive back today!

Rock Hill results


Winston Salem results

Dawn’s back was hurting and she hadn’t gotten in any training either. Plus, the WS bike route had more (fairly steep) hills, while Rock Hill was pretty flat. So, we came in 22 out of 23 relay teams.

If you really want to see the details, click on either image to get a large version of it.

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