Blessings in being sick!

I haven’t posted anything all month. Wow.

It’s been a good month in general. Always fun to start a new year. But the past 8 days have been less than fun. Last Saturday I had a sore throat and even after sleeping a whole lot Sunday afternoon, I struggled through the week. Head cold, morphed into the sneezing and runny nose, then finally this weekend there was more coughing. And it felt like it was in the chest, finally.

Today made day 8, plus some good friends expressed concern yesterday that I was still struggling with this. (And my mother mentioned pneumonia.) So I put in a call to the doctor’s office today. They would have preferred I wait until tomorrow, but I had 1 meeting today and I have 8 meetings tomorrow, so however you do the math, today was the better day to spend waiting in the doctor’s office.

While I’m sitting them I have the thought that maybe I should have just gone to the Minute Clinic or some thing at the drug store instead of a full-blown doctor visit. But while I’m here, I’ll just have him look at the spot on my forehead that hasn’t healed in a year, even with some major TLC the past 3 months.

Sure enough, the actual doctor visit (after an hour in the waiting room) took just a few minutes. He agreed if it was getting worse instead of better on day 8 it’s time to try antibiotics. Then, his usual question “anything else while you are here” so I pointed out the spot on my forehead which really is just a minor blemish. Until he said “I’m really glad you pointed that out, that is <insert technical term> which is precancerous.” My options were freeze it off right then, a cream to do the same thing on my own time, or surgery. Notice none of the options were just not worry about it.

So, we did the freezing right there in the office. It stung!

But now I’m back home, first antibiotic pill taken, and waiting for the forehead to heal. I would not have made an appointment just for that spot on my forehead and my next general visit won’t come until Sept. But God had other plans.


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