Fun and Fellowship

Time to talk about something other than my reading. I have been doing a mental recap of what we have been so busy doing this year.

The year started out fairly quiet and I got a ton of reading done. It made up for the very small bit of reading I actually did the last part of 2011 (what with the security audit at work and the holidays and stuff).

In January I did get to have lunch and a pedicure with my friend Jill, our Christmas gift to each other. I also had two circle meetings and helped take down the Christmas decorations. I got to visit at Edie’s house and have sushi with Val and dinner with Dot and Larry. And, very importantly, we mailed off our passport renewal packages!

Two rather big events in January included buying a new washing machine, and having 4 friends from High School (plus little Sterling) come visit. We had a great time catching up and Anthony made lunch for us. It is hard to get us together, but it is wonderful when we pull it off.

February started with a visit to Aunt Elaine and Don (and the arrival of our new passports!). Don was playing with a friend at Monkeez Brew in Thomasville which was fun. Elaine was getting ready for hip surgery so we did some rearranging of furniture to make sure she had room to get around while she recovered. This was the month that my sister-in-law Christine started coming up each Tuesday to visit. She is rehearsing with a band in the neighborhood next to hours, so we get to see just about every week. It’s great keeping up with each other and having time to just chat. We also drove to Columbia, SC, to listen to RC Sproul speak, and then to Gastonia for a Women’s Ministries and Elder/Deacon seminars. Being in Gastonia gave us a chance to visit with Aunt Anne. I have good family. Then Mom dropped by for a fun visit, so I saw all 3 sisters that month.

In March Edie and Chris came for dinner – what fun! I had brunch with 3 classmates from my EMBA a few years ago. Then we drove down to Florida for the Ligonier National Conference and visiting with Aunt Jessie and Uncle George. We also got to visit with Pastor Bob on the way home. (Thanks Mom for house/cat sitting!) After we got back, we had lunch with the Hodge family – as much fun as expected. We ended the month with a (sort of) surprise birthday party for Bill and a trip to Ikea with Aunt Elaine and Don (she’s getting around really well after the hip surgery, ready for the other one now).

April has already been fun and we’re only half way through. All of the Easter events of course. For the first year in awhile Mom didn’t make it down for Easter, but I’m hoping we see her next month. Dot and I worked up a solo for the Sunday after Easter and I got to do some spontaneous sight-reading in a duet with Larry one night – what fun. Anthony finally finished his part of our taxes. We traveled to Bonclarken for a Women’s Ministries meeting and presented to them about using technology, websites, and social media. Then the monthly deacon meeting, and two fun Circle meetings.

Last night I had my regular visit with Christine, then we ate sushi with Val again and got to see her new house. No wonder she was so excited about it, what a wonderful house. I’m heading there again in May to help do some more fixing, moving, and settling. Tonight we were going to go to the Davidson concert, but it turned into a dinner with a friend.

Some weeks it seems we have a lot going on, but I wouldn’t trade any of it. I love the time we are able to spend with family and friends!

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