Introverts and phone calls

Scenario one – get all worked up to make the call, think through what I want to say and what they might say. Person answers and I spend the whole call trying not to take too much of their time and then wondering if it sounded more like I just didn’t want to be on the phone with them.

Scenario two – get all worked up, and then have to leave a message. Which means they will (hopefully) call me back and I will likely not be at all ready for the conversation so I’ll self-obsess while I stumble through it. Or they won’t call me back and I’ll stress over how long to wait before I call them again.

I much prefer email – I know they can read it and reply on their time, and then I can read and follow up on my time.

Sure, we’re losing some connection by not being willing to pick up the phone, but everyone is so busy all the time that it always feels like an imposition. There are very few people I feel comfortable just relaxing and chatting away with on the phone.

But, I made my 2 calls today and I made 1 last week. Of those 3, 2 got converted into an email conversation, 1 will call me back (I have to stay ready 🙂


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