Not abandoned

The title of this post has multiple meanings.

First – I have not abandoned this blog, I just haven’t put anything up in a really really long time. I have some stuff to add though, so I’ll get to that sometime soon.

Second – over the past year I have created a notebook of scripture, songs, and lessons or blog posts that speak to me. Things I need to know and remember. This morning I was reviewing and reorganizing the contents and came across a page where I had started transcribing the words to the hymn What E’er My God Ordains is Right with the reminder that He will never ever forsake me. What wonderful news.

That is the ultimate truth that must make a difference in my day and my behavior and my character.


So why am I resurrecting the blog today? I am thinking about my reading plans for 2013 of course.

This has been a great year. I have read several books by Jerry Bridges and Nancy Leigh DeMoss and found so much meat in all of them.

For sci fi, I’ve read a lot of John Ringo this year. The trilogy I devoured in Nov/Dec was joint with David Weber and John Ringo is The Empire of Man trilogy. What fun. I also read some John Scalzi and Connie Willis.

Mysteries – I’ve been working forward from the beginning of the Robert Parker Spenser series. Also moving forward with some Elizabeth George and Lee Child. I started some Colin Cotterill but haven’t made it back to read more. I intend to, the first book was fun!

Other fiction includes books by Carlos Ruiz Zafon – interesting and fun since we traveled to Barcelona in October. And quite a few John Steinbeck short novels.


What do I plan to read in 2013 then?

I attended a talk at a local temporary Passages exhibit about CS Lewis. Coming away from there I added to my list to read The Problem of Pain and a friend has recommended God in the Dock. That matches up with a fun CS Lewis Challenge at 52 books in 52 weeks.

I’m planning on 4 books: God in the Dock, Pilgrims Regress, Christian Reflections, and The Problem of Pain. And I may revisit the Chronicles of Narnia or even the Space Trilogy.

I read Heretics by GK Chesterton last year with the intention of reading Orthodoxy which I never made it to, so that is definitely on the list for 2013.

I’ll keep reading John Ringo, Lee Child, Elizabeth George, Stephen Hunter…

For the rest, we’ll see where the year leads us.

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